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Time for the poll on who is coming camping
Carreg Cennen Castle
artela wrote in dw_augbh_2009
For the details see the previous couple of posts into this community.

Only one person to complete the poll per party attending please :-)

Poll #1386950 AFPcamp attendance

Will you be coming along to AFPcamp this year?

Unsure (see comments)

How many will be in your party?

Accomodation type

Camper van
Hire a yurt or tipi

Electric hookup required?

These answers aren't binding, but are to give us an indication of attendance numbers and types for finalising details with the venue. Any variations to the standard answers should be explained in comments. If you are posting into this poll without an LJ account please leave a comment to say who you are.

I'd like to come, but am unsure whether we're free that weekend. Also, the distance is a bit of a problems as I can't drive that far in one trip.

It's not that far from Cheltenham.

Yes, and Cheltenham is on the limit of what I can cope with :-(

I'd like to be there, need to check if I'm free that weekend, etc.

Will the campsite have wifi?

Given two minutes, a solar panel, few 3g sticks, an old laptop and some gaffer tape, and we can probably have an AP up and running easily enough :-)

You MacGyver alike you....

My car has 240V. I have a 3G capable Wifi router.

I think you're overcomplicating things :)

it's not overcomplicating. it's creative campcraft (and yes, I did have a badge for that).

I had a camping badge too... had to learn how to light a fire using some flints and some punk - which took on a whole new meaning when I got older and the music world took an odd turn in my teens *G*

We would very much like to be there with the dog, but various details need to be settled first. And I don't know when that will be.

We shall be there - probably with D... and it is his birthday on the 28th, so a birthday party will have to be held again :) I'll plan properly this time *g* K will be in Crete with her friends.

I shall investigate the various types of "high" airbeds so that I am more comfortable than on the nearly floor-level ones.

(Deleted comment)
Too much negative thinking, get your bums over there, if I can do it you can *Hugs*

It may be a good idea to have a power point in our communal gazebo for lappies and phone charging if possible. Thanks for all your work, it is appreciated.

You need a "more than likely" button. It's pending on a few things - one of them principally being the state of the site (after your visit).

Wish we could come but it's too close to the US Con.
Have a great time

I'll be there. Within tent. Just me.

Erm, I guess it's self-explanatory really. If I come, I'll come with my tent by myself. I'd like to attend but need to check a few things first.

Very likely to attend as a party of one but bringing some extra fishing gear for those who are interested. I'll be in a small one-man tent with no electric requirements.

Probably. But I need to buy a tent. And sort out travel.

Can I give you a tent?

Well, I need to buy a tent on general grounds anyway. So I probably ought to actually... buy a damn tent.

There may be work related last minute stuff - may bring a son (12)

erm, if there is me, there will be tent

will need to check finances and with Kat, etc before being able to confirm.

I've now booked for another event that weekend, so can't come. Too much stuff happens on the bank holiday :(

I intend to be there, with tent. But owing to the clash with maryrcrumpton's birthday I will be leaving on the sunday.

Having spoke to the venue me and kathy are now teppe + breckfasting

i'd best be there, we done gone booked a teepee... scary!

All depends on whether I can persuade my dear wife that she would enjoy it ... but if we do come we'll be bringing a couple of (well-behaved) dogs

Talked to the little lady. We art now coming.

I'll be coming. Party of one, me


very stupid question time - what dates is this?

last weekend of August (27th to 31st)

We'd like to come, but we have Ben to think of. We've never camped with toddler before. We have much organisation to do.

I know this is really late, but are there any spaces left? one person plus small tent.

Yes, there is still space, so you are welcome to come along :-)

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